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28 January 2011 @ 08:31 pm
Alana De La Garza's coming to Law & Order: LA!  
Alana De La Garza is coming back into the Law & Order universe! (click the link for the short news story)

EDIT: Here's a picture of the tweet from WolfFilms:

According to this, she'll still be playing our beloved Connie Rubirosa! I'm kind of excited about all the cast changes going on at L&O:LA since it needed LOTS of improvement. Here's hoping Connie will kick start the show!

Not sure how they're going to explain her move from the New York to Los Angeles, but we'll see when the show finally comes back.


*happy dance*

And um...since it's the nature of the comm, how will this effect her relationship with Mike? Can they have Mike come with her (or at least go on vacation to LA for an episode)? I'll even take an insinuated phone call. *ahem* Long-distance relationship fic anyone?
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fadedelegance: HAY_THAR_CONNIE!fadedelegance on April 8th, 2011 08:38 am (UTC)
This makes me sad. Why would Connie just up and leave New York? Did she suddenly decide she was homesick and wanted to go back to Cali? O___o

If that's what they go with, it's gonna come off as random. At least in my opinion.

Is NBC just...desperate to save LO:LA? I mean, last I checked, the show was struggling.

Okay, bringing Casey Novak back on "SVU" this past week? Thumbs up. Connie in L.A.? Thumbs down. :C

Thank God for my imagination. I've been churning out M/C fic like no one's business this week. I don't care, NBC, you're not wrecking that for me, so there. ^___^